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JC Royal Oud Cigar 

Tobacco: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Maduro
Categories: Toro
Length: 160 mm 
Ring gauge: 52
Smoking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Cigar per Box: 10 sticks

Net Price: USD 13000 per box

(shipping, tax and other costs that occurred are not included)

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“First feeling of the burning agarwood is very relaxing, calm, enlightening, then after few days, feeling the smell of the burned agarwood has changed to another level after those relaxing reflections, I started to sleep very well, day by day, month by month.”

-Jones Chan

Cigar Graph.png

JC Royal Oud Cigar Distribution Plan (2021)

Only 1319 boxes of JC Royal Oud Cigar are produced in 2021. Royal Families around the world will have priority access to pre-order the first 280 boxes of JC Royal Oud Cigar. Cigar lovers in China, Hong Kong (China), North America, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Europe will also have a chance to taste this mind-blowing JC Royal Oud Cigar.  2022 production has already started in production and expected another 1319 boxes Royal Oud Cigars will be offered to the market in spring 2023.

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