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The One and Only
Jones Oud Cigar

Combining the most Luxurious aroma

Jones Cigar serves premium cigars' lovers including the very prestigious and elite. The first creation series "JC Royal Oud Cigar" is seen as a status symbol and is synonymous with "Royal" prestige and exclusivity. The series is comprised of the most luxurious natural fragrant agarwood oil aged over 40 years, sourced from the brand owned by Mr. Jones's private collection. The origins of all materials from the furthest corners of the globe, culminating in a scent that is unforgettable with prestige and exclusivity. Only 1319 boxes of JC Royal Oud Cigar will be produced each year which is very limited. The reason why we name this series ''Royal Oud'' is not only all materials are top classes, but also acknowledges by H.R.H Prince Norodom Narithipong who is a member of the Royal Family in Cambodia.

Jones Cigar

Luxurious, Unique and Nourishing



OUD , also known as "Liquid Gold", is extremely rare. Its woody scent has been regarded as the aroma for the royals only since ancient time. Jones Cigar, continuing this tradition, are preserved only for dignitaries all over the world. Only 1319 boxes will be made yearly.



With plenty of smooth herbal, honey and naturally tanned leather alongside Agarwood flavours. Jones Cigar is well-balanced and complex with great construction, it has an incredible potential that will please any seasoned aficionado.



Agarwood is one of the best medicines, with strong beneficial antibacterial and olfactory properties. Blending Cigar with Agarwood, allows Jones Cigar premium users to enjoy without worrying about oral cavity problems

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